Lion and Boar


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 The Lion and The Boar


          The warm weather of a summer day made all the animals feel thirsty. Like other animals, the lion was going out to find some water to drink. The lion went straight to a small pond nearby. At the same time, a thirsty boar also walked towards the same pond. The lion and the boar faced each other beside the pond. Each wanted to be the first one to drink water. So they fought one another. Other animals who were nearby were frightened and ran away everywhere in confusion. The lion and the boar fought one another without giving up.  Both were so tired and had no more strength. As they were about to fight again, they saw some vultures sitting on the branches and looking at them. "We'd better stop fighting," said the lion to the boar. "If not, we might become a meal for those vultures." The boar areed at once and the lion let him drink from the pond first. When both had drunk to their full, each went their way.



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