Goose and  Stork


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a_crane_myth_1.gif   The Goose and The Stork

        There were a goose and a stork living at a big pond. They were close friends and always looked for food together. One day while the two birds were walking along the pond, there was a heron flying passed them. "Friends, there is another pond over there. It is full of shrimps, shells, crabs and fish," said the heron.So, the goose and the stork flew to the pond which the heron had told them about. At the pond, there was really a lot of food. The goose ate a lot of food while the tork ate just enough to fill himself. "We rarely find a place which is full of food like this. Why do you eat so little?" the goose asked his friend. Oh, I'm full. If I eat too much, I'm aafraid that I cannot fly back," answered the stork. "But I can eat a lot more," the goose said and went on eating. At the moment, there was a hunter who came by and saw the two birds. The hunter immediately aimed his arrow at the goose and the stork. By chance, the stork saw the hunter. It cried out to warn the goose befor it flew away. The goose who had eaten too much could not fly. It was finally shot by the hunter.  



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