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b_parrot_large.gif   The Birds and The Rhinoceros


     Once upon a time, there was a forest where plenty of birds lived and built their nests on the trees. There lived many kinds of birds who always quarrelled with one another. One day there was a rhinoceros walking into this forest and saw that there were a lot of birds on the trees. The rhinoceros who was hungry, banged a tree with his horn until a nest of the green bird fell down. Then the rhinoceros ate the nestlings in that nest. The mother bird was very angry but she could do nothing. After the rhinoceros had ate all the nestlings, he walked away. All the birds gathered and discussed their opinions. " The rhinoceros will surely come back again," said the red bird. "We must get together to drive him away."  " No, that rhinoceros is very big and strong," said the green bird. "I agree with you, we cannot drive him away," said a yellow bird. Because these birds were used to quarrel among themselves, they did not agree to the red bird's idea. So no one prepared to fight against the rhinoceros. With nobody agreed to the plan, the red bird and his mate discussed between them, "there is no other way but to help ourselves." So, they moved their nest to a tree which was on a cliff where the rhinoceros would never reach. The next day, the rhinoceros came to the forest and again used it's horn to bang  a tree where the yellow bird lived. As a result, the yellow bird's nest fell down. After that, the rhinoceros banged many other trees. Thus, a lot of nestlings and eggs became his food. All the bird regrets that they did not prepare to cope with the rhinoceros. On the other hand, the red bird's family remained safe as they were prepared for the expected danger.



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