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      ได้แก่                -    Infinitive with "to"

                       -    Infinitive without "to"

Infinitive with "to"

1.    Subject

        To swim is a good sport.

2.    Adjecttive

        I have no time to write a letter.

3.    Adverb

        A.    ขยาย  verb

               She shouted to tell him to be careful.

            = She shouted in order to tell him to be careful.

        B.    ขยาย  adjective

               The lesson is difficult to understant.

        C.    ขยาย  adverb

               They tried hard to pass the examination.

            = They tried hard in order to pass the examination.

4. verb

        It isn't large enough (for her) to take seven people.

        Our team didn't play well enough (for us) to win the price.\

        There's enough turkey (for him) to make a sandwich.

5. verb

        The water is too deep (for the baby) to swim.

        The bird flies too high (for you) to shoot.

        There were too many calls (for her) to answer.

        There was too much applause (for them) to hear the announcer.

6.    Verb + to verb

        afford, attempt, care, decide, demand,  expect, hope, intend, manage, mean, plan, refuse,         try, etc.

        I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

        I am planning to have a party.

7.    Verb + object (noun or pronoun) + to verb

        advise, allow, ask, beg, cause, command, forbid, force, invite, order, permit, persuade,         requir, tell, warn etc.

        She advised me to look for a job.

        The judge ordered him to pay  a fine.

8.    Verb + to verb/or verb + object + to verb.

        I want to leave now.

        I want him to leave now.

Infinitive without "to"

1.    Auxiliary Verb (Helping Verb หรือ Modal Verb + Verb แท้ไม่ผันรูป)

        He will buy you a bicycle.                    You may leave before six today.

        You had better go to bed early.           I would rather die than suffer.

2.    I prefer to talk rather than listen. = ฉันชอบคุยมากกว่าฟัง (rather than  + Verb แท้ไม่ผันรูป)

3.    She did nothing but cry. (but = except = ยกเว้น + verb แท้ไม่ผันรูป)

4.    Verb + object + infinitive without "to"

        make    I made him come.

        let        Please let me see it.

        have     I had the barber cut my hair.

5.    Verb of sense

        see        I saw him hit (hitting) the ball.

        feel        I felt the weather become (becoming) warm.

        hear       I heard her sing (singing).

        watch     I watched Dang clean (cleaning) the floor.

        observe I observed the doctor perform (performing) the operation.

        notice    I noticed something move (moveing)



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