Noun Determiners


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Noun  Determiners.


Expressions  of  Quantity

1. Drterminers + Singurar Noun

        each,  every,  either,  neither,  many  a

        Every  man  goes  there.

        Many  a  student  was  absent  yesterday.

        Many  a  student  =  Many  students

2. Determiners + Plura  Noun

        many,  several,  a  few,  few,  fewer,  fewest,  quite  a  few,  a  number  of,  large  number  of,  a  great  number  of

        He  sells  many  books.

        Jonh  has  several  books  at  home.

        Quite  a  few  students  were  absent  yesterday.

        A  number  of  accidents  have  occurred.

        A  (great  or  largre  or  good) number  of  students  are  allowed  to  go home.

3. Diterminers + Mass  Noun (Uncountable  Noun)

        much,  a  little,  little,  less,  least,  quite  a  little,  a  good  deal  of,  a  great  deal  of,  a  great  quantity  of,  a  large  quantity  of,  a  large  amount  of

        This  glass  doesn't  hold  much  water,  it  only  holds  a  little.

        Nack  spent  a  (great  or good)  quantity  of  sugar.

        We  need  a  (great  or  large)  quantity  of  sugar.

        Her  father  has  a  large  amount  of  money.

4. Determiners + Plural  Count  Noun (or  mass  noun )

        some,  any,  a lot of,  lots of,  plenty of,  more,  most,  all

        Jonh  has  a  lot  of  friends.                          Jonh  has  a  lot  of  free  time.

        Jonh a  has  lots  of  friends.                         Jonh  has  lots  of  free  time.

        There  are  plenty  of  trees  in  the  gardent.

        We  have  plenty  of  time.

        More  students  are  needed  to  do  this  work.

        More  many  is  needed  to  do  this  work.

much + uncontable  noun

a  good  deal  of

a  great  deal  of

a  large (great) quantitty  of

a  large  amount  of

a   lot  of,   lots  of

plentty  of

quite  a  little

many + plural  count  noun

a  good  many

a  great  many

a  large  number  of

a  good (great) number  of

a lot  of,  lots  of

plenty  of

quite  a  few

 a  number  of / the  number  of

    a  number  of   =  จำนวนหนึ่งของ

    the  number  of  =  จำนวนของ

A  number  of + plural  count. noun + plural  verb

The  number  of + plural  count. noun + singular  verb

    A  number  of  accidents  have  occurred.

    The  number  of  books  in  the  library  is  increasing.


Most  boys  like  playing  football.

Most  modern  music  is  difficult  to  understand.

He  drank  most  of  his  milk.

He  has  visite  most  (of  the)  countries  in  Europe.

Most  of  the  children  in  this  town  walk  to  school.

Most  of  this  time  is  spent  traveling.

A  few  people  were  killed  in  the  fire,  but  most  were  saved.

Most  of  us  feel  the  same  about  the  war.



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