Gluay Buard Shee

A typical Thai Dessert Example of Using ICT in Learning and Teaching in Thai School



    Satri Si Suriyothai School, a big high school in Bangkok. We are showing you how teachers use ICT in teaching.

    In a Home Economics class with Home Economics teacher. The 8 grades students have planned to cook a typical Thai Dessert called Gluay Buard Shee so the teacher let them find their own formula including the ingredient by themselves. The students are divided in groups and they cook their dessert themselves.

    Now, let’s see how can they find their information. In a computer class, the teacher is teaching them how to find information, by using a search engine. With the search engine he suggested that you can use and the students try searching any information, this is very easy and more convenient to find information anywhere anytime by using a computer.

    We This group also asked a food seller at school about the technique and some asked from a specialist for more information to help their cooking.

    With a science teacher they asked about the nutrition in Gluay Buard Shee and the teacher only suggested them where and how to find information, we didn’t tell them directly that the students have to work by themselves.

    Talking about how to integrate with other subjects. They planned together of what they were going to teach this class in this semester, they used the same topics. In social class they leaned about how Thai people use bananas in their lives.

    In Thai language class the students learned how to give names for their shop selling “Gluay Buard Shee”

    For Mathematics they talked about their price their profit

    For English they talked about how they sell their dish for foreigners and also far Arts they talked about their decorations.

    We do not count on the numbers of computers that we have in school. But we do count on that our ability of using computers in full capacity will have ever been.

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