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Scientific name: Millingtonia hortensis Lf.

Common name: Cork Tree, Indian Cork.


Other Name: Kat Kasalag Salong (Northern) Tek Tong Po (Karen - Kanchanaburi).

Botanical characteristics: small to medium sized tree 5-10 m tall straight trunk bark is dark gray with deep roots in the air is incredible. The new growth is a licensed a feather 3, 13-20 cm long, 16-26 cm wide, 3.5 to 6 cm long petiole, the leaves are 13-19 cm long central axis like a sub 4 -. 6 pairs of small leaves 2.5-3 cm long, 4-5 cm wide, 4-6 pair shaped ovate-lanceolate base, wedge-shaped leaves with serrated edges coarsely serrated. Sharp end. Leaves some texture like smooth paper made Kuk Cho Flowers 10-25 cm long, elongating the classification tree with green sepals about 0.5 cm long, 0.5 cm wide, with a bell-shaped end of the cut. Fragrant flowers are white, about 0.5 cm long and 6-10 cm broad, with a bulb horn three separate five-pointed lobes oblong two lower lobes rather pointed. There are four stamens with two pairs of unequal length. Style one with the number 1 above the blighted Flowering about a month from November to May is the dry fruit. The long flat edge is parallel with the kernel. The thin wings.
Part used: roots, leaves, flowers.

            The plant is used in the treatment of a variety of texts, such as drug Thailand.

Root - Eye pulmonary tuberculosis asthma.

Flowers - used to treat asthma, sinusitis, increased secretion of bile (cholagogue) add flavor to the dried flowers in a mix of smoking tobacco cigarettes for smoke inhalation to treat asthma.

Leaves - the cigarette smoke opium instead bronchodilators used to treat asthma as well.

 Method and amount of use.
           Asthma is a flower, dried flowers 6-7 cigarettes a cigarette.
          Scientist Have extracted most of the year, to find elements that are able to maintain detectable amounts Scutellarein Scutellarein-5-galactoside and the later years of the flowers found in the leaves contain hispidulin.
            Found in the acetyl oleanolic acid.
            The flowers contain Scutellarein, hispidulin and Scutellarein-5-galactoside.
            Substance found in the root hentriacontane, lapachol, hentria contanol-1, B-stosterol and paulownin.
           The core of the wood and the bark of trees found substances B-stosterol to a press release of the year, I introduced dried methanol extract was separated by fractionation. Petroleum ether, chloroform, ethanol and water built to test these parts pharmacology. Found that the extract of chloroform. To effect bronchodilation while Butanol extract and water will effect the bronchial contraction. And found that the extract is separated by a Butanol extract with water. Bronchodilator effect. This study is believed to play a key role in expanding hispidulin trachea. Currently, the researchers are studying the effects. Bronchodilation in vivo animal experiments.
          For the study of security. The flowers of the year of treatment. Acute toxicity studies (acute) and subacute (Subacute toxicity), however, to explain this result. Extract any of it. The answer is not. Be studied separately, although the essence is the essence hispidulin one isolated from the chloroform found that hispidulin that have appeared in the chloroform extract. Appears approximately 0.364% W / W, so it should be investigated separately toxic hispidulin purification. Then the answer is clear and accurate.
          Study the effects of other substances and other substances hispidulin isolated from it. Should be studied to find out more about the mechanism of action and to evaluate the potential of the lobes. Used in the treatment of asthma in the future. 


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