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Thailand is the peacock. It can be seen that it looks beautiful. The tree is planted as an ornamental. The shrubby scrub.

Colorful colorful. It is useful, too. It is easy to grow. The tree is very resistant. Suitable for Thailand 

Tropical tree that looks like it was very sunny.


     The genus name (in Thailand): Transverse Coupling (Nakhon Ratchasima) is sufficient enough Sum (Mae)

cm as Pyaamg decay via the orange as orange (Northern) Peacock Thailand. Guppy Thailand (central).


     Plant Name (English): Pride of Barbados, Peacock's Crest.


     URL: http://thaigoodview.com/node/157945.



General appearance of the plant.


           Perennial shrub or small tree 3-5 m tall canopy trees round smooth or barbed.

       Leaves : The leaves of a feather leaf double switch off the sub with 7-11 pairs of leaves.

Oblong or obovate. End or concave cone distortion.

        Flower : Flowers are a bunch of other colors such as yellow, red, orange, pink and red and white polka dots.

A bouquet of flowers at the ends of branches is completely well. The full flowering canopy.

Flowers are axillary and distal limb Petals 5, unequal stamens 10 The blooming throughout the year.

Flowers and pods will become flat. I look like. Pod peas. When the seed pods will break out. The seeds can be bred.

Flowers bloom throughout the year, but summer is a special knife. Grains and flowers become pods. A pea pod.

        The result : a flat pods when ripe pods break out year round.

        Seeds : 8-10 seeds have a circular shape.

        Propagation: By seeds.

Fruit and seeds.


Planting and maintenance.


       Grown on all soil conditions. Unwanted moisture watered 2-3 times a day, it is not. Water, water-resistant, very tough.

Its popularity has led to growing along the roadside in the shade like the sun is out, but the little flowers.



Benefits of plants.


          Thailand Flame tree canopy is quite rounded. Help camouflage eye. House where a wall or fence not pretty.

I used a round canopy.Thailand to shield the eyes of the peacock. Or planting a row for the territory. But not planted nearby.

Home because of the thorns. If planted in a row. Summer when guppy Thailand to the golden bloom simultaneously.

Or to line the orange.


          Herbs and roots eaten with boiled or fried food. As a blood drive in women is through inflammation.

To stem the spread of toxic rain. Animal bites can neutralize the sting of immature seeds were eaten fresh got Hagnkiogฝraeg.

For the seed to be taken to mature before it can be used to eat it because it has some kind of toxic compounds.

But are destroyed by heat.


          CAUTION: stems with thorns. Should not be planted in areas where there are people walking around.

Most are planted along the road. Street trees in front of the house or fence shall be very careful about pruning the

confusion over the name. Flame tree in the house because we will have 2 types.

Flame tree is a shrub Thailand. If so Hagnkiogฝraeg. A large tree. As not to shade it is.

Tree with a Thammasat University. Noted that it was the beginning of guppy Thailand. From Hagnkiogฝraeg.

If the guppy Thailand. It is a shrub sphere. Is not too large. Flower color may be similar. The pods are clearly different.

If the guppy Thailand.Pods are flat pods resemble small pea pod. If so Hagnkiogฝraeg. Pods are long and flat, similar but larger.




Translated by : https://translate.google.co.th/






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