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Scientific name. :  Ptychosperma macarthurii Nichols

The family name.  :  PALMAE

Common name.  :  MacArthur Palm

Local names.  :  Chewing gum

Subjective nature.  :  Wood tillering.



        a thin trunk palm trees. Articulate and direct. The trunk was about 10-20 feet high, and the spire of a greenish brown but still soft on the green. Is the same as coconut leaves. Characteristics of the early bird entry MacArthur is one consisting of foliar leaf blade and leaf sub-sub is about 40 inches long, 10 to 15 feet long, 4 foot stems, foliar applications are encapsulated into a sheath. Texture and dark green leaves. The south side of the green. A bouquet of flowers similar Chan Mak size of small yellow-green flowers and white fruit is a small ball. But the green light turns to red. Fresh fruit has seeds within one seed. The outdoor plants like sunlight. And will grow in all soil types. Moderate water needs. And resistance to environmental conditions.


Propagation  : the head / stalks / shoots.

Explain how culture / species  : the Federation of seed or seedling growth medium separation. Should be planted in soil. Good drainage. In the dimly translucent or sunny.

Utilization / parts to use  : Use as a ornamental border area. It has a beautiful canopy. Planting a garden planting a wooden chair or a visual screen fence. Planted by the swimming pool. The decor in the building as well. Growing up by the sea.

Season useful  : Throughout the year.


Propagation palm .

        Propagation across the palm to the propagation of seed germination and the second method is to use a separate offshoot of the original . This is because the palm is a perennial monocots . Wood with no bark and the root meristem rupture . Thus, the propagation of the palm is used as a seed propagation and may use the branch split off from the parent tree. The species was second method.

         First . Propagation by separate shoots. Propagation , this method could only palm palm species germinate only like the Stephen Mak Daeng etc MacArthur palm , bamboo , etc., which is not the main consideration .

• Choose to believe that Bud . Root suckers are at least three roots.

• should use the left eye with the mother for a while , about 30 days before being transplanted into separate pots or planted cautioned not want sunlight in the early stages.

• If you want to dig a well in plastic pots should be planted in the prepared pan. Materials should be preserved in sand mixed with charcoal, rice husk in a ratio equal and stored indoors .

        Two . Expanded variants using seeds is to see that a good palm kernel . Cultured by the Federation following.

• The collected seeds from peeled seeds washed out thoroughly ( with some kind of contact with the skin, the palm is itchy ) Bee moisture to dry in the sun a little Do not fall strictly prohibited.

• Prior to any nursery considering that Palm thick and very strong however . If the palm kernel nuts are then soaked in water for at least 5-10 days before the culture is so old when seeds are soaked in water the seeds floating . That quality should be discarded.

• a mixture of cultures . Typically coarse sand . And pyrolysis is equal to a nursery or nursery pots or bags into the container and all. Germination and cultivation methods have superior performance. Because the radiate heat to the reciprocal grain .

• placing the seeds will float or to a depth of about 1-2 cm in a mixture of plant material placed on palm seed germination will sink strength than

• prior to seeding should be jail fungicide before.

•When your palms grow well. Should separate the cotyledon emerges from the material culture and should be careful not to take one to two inches below the seed . While eating in the palm kernels if it is to be dead.

       One way is to plant in a plastic bag . Using coconut husk . Gagged tightly and hung up . As it grows , it will see white roots emerged. Thus leading to a pot plant .

• palm nuts are sometimes put hot water at 60 deg C for 30 hours before sowing .

• When the seeds successfully placed them in an obscurely Do not let the rain will cause the seeds to rot easily.

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ได้ความรู้เยอะ แบรนเนอร์สวยด้วย ;)

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ได้ความรู้เพิ่มดีจริงๆ  เนื้อหาดี

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นึกว่าต้นปาล์ม  ที่แท้ก็ต้นหมากนี่เอง Surprised

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นึกว่าต้นไผ่ 55555 ที่แท้ก็ต้นหมากเขียวนี่เอง

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ตอนแรกคิดว่าเป็นต้นมะพร้าวตอนเล็กๆจริงๆนะ 555555555555555 

พึ่งรู้ว่าจริงๆคือต้นหมากเขียวนี่เอง แหม่ เข้าใจผิดมาตั้งนาน

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ตอนเห็นที่โรงเรียน นึกว่าต้นตาลที่ยังไม่โต  55555.

พอมาอ่านบล็อคนี้ถึงจะรู้ว่าคือต้น หมากเขียว

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ต้นหมากเขียวนี้ สุดยอด !! 

ทนต่อทุกสภาพอากาศเลย  Cool


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