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Recommend Shop

    1. Master Sweet



              This then captivated because both the smell Homhual invited to eat out . But be mindful that "this is a soap," We do not        eat it. Both cakes smell The Ras blanked berries Strawberry yogurt, coconut pack price of 180 baht . Or donuts, turnovers              have it. Priced at 65 baht per pack six pack is 350 baht and 500 baht for 10 cubes . 

              Asiatique Warehouse 5 Instagram:@mastersweet





             Style Store in Thailand But the Japanese do Including clothing, bags, shoes mixed emotions hill tribes . With subsidiaries       in Chiang Rai and Bangkok this . Foreigners love this shop  very much.


                                                  Cinque each other , and the price is very affordable too.

    Asiatique seven warehouses nearby Ferris Wheel


      3.Winter White

             next with another store Leather shoes are very comfortable to wear . And the design is chic Style that emphasizes simple .        Mix and match the tireless But little detail oriented and good material 2,000-3,000 baht per pair , but say it 's really good !!

Winter White Asiatique nine warehouses opposite  iStudio / Instagram: @mywinterwhite






           This shop is a shop of home Home decor  to creative as ever. All will love it. With a focus on fun Such as scissors Rabbit        Bear below It's designed to grip the ear .

                                 And also have a lovely vacation. But the price is very affordable too. A small piece at the core of it.

          Qualy Asiatique warehouses eight sides  iStudio /





            Another store favorite of foreign tourists , especially the Asian girls because each piece is 200 baht and Best Selling Items       are selling extremely clutch bag is available in several colors. Many designs are so cute .           

            Vavoom Asiatique 7 rooms 8085-8086 , warehouses , call084-440-4468




             Just look at the style of the restaurant is very spacious . We need to pull it all went to see the work going on. And it              appears that we have come across a treasure clothing shop on a budget !! The price is set at 490 baht with crop tops ,                shorts . Skirts , shorts, sporty mixed school girl



Mily Asiatique five warehouses nearbyFerris Wheel / Instagram: @mily8_brand


        6. Sa-ma-dul (สะ-มะ-ดุล)

Photo By : Chanapat  Sae-tang


             Shop 'Sa-ma-dul ( Sa - Ma - Balance ) Spa & Massage' service spa and massage, Thailand . And a fish spa was the                 highlight of another service.


            The fish spa fish therapy or use of the foot . Therapy with the use of a fish pond named . " Karachi rufa fish " swimming          in the pond . The therapy is based on the behavior of the fish that nibble and enjoy the island . To maintain the skin and              removes dead skin cells peel off easily .


  Sa-ma-dul ( Sa - Ma - Balance ) Asiatique Warehouse 3  Near Clock Tower On the Road




Imformation Source :

Made Banner By : Saowaluk Prasongkan

                        Chutsuda Varnodyana

Made By : น.ส. ปาจรีย์ ถาวรเกษม , Suwara Marsung, Preyanuch Naparuksawong , Chutsuda Varnodyana, Chanapat Sae-tang

             Jeny Chang, Saowaluk Prasongkan, Suthira Tupthavee, Artittaya Phodchamarnsirikul

              Satri Si suriyothai School bangkok

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