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They opened for business more than 60 years ago by the Chinese food they sell is a Cantonese restaurant's specialty-specific menu.
Breast hot spokes ribs menu (100-120 THB) This menu uses pork ribs marinated with soy sauce, bring to a white graffiti-paste easy. Stir fried flour dumplings before. Then stir the breast with garlic, finely chopped onion, put spokes and peppers. Flavored fried pork ribs, then put down to serving dish and mix the hot boiling put the menu flavors laced with the scent of khem breast to rib parts and pork rib cartilage and soft tasty compatible.

Roasted chicken with Broccoli (100 Baht). The plate also chose to use chicken cut into pieces brought to the. Seasoning, then fried crispy then per chian put Chinese liquor went down to. Put the Kale and stir simultaneously released a chicken roasted Kale Hong Kong flavour. The chicken is soft, fragrant Chinese spirits. Kale crispy yet not bitter parts

Changes coming to fish, fried fish, seasoned side smothered (180-220 of baht) to bring Grouper to fried rice topped with fried garlic sauce with water that is used with the pepper, then taste the vinaigrette sauce, sugar and pour down on the fish, and then try the grouper meat tightly together with the sweet taste of water topped the hairstyle brings plus the chilies and garlic smell.

Then came another dry noodle styles, try the crab, barbecued pork (70-80 baht) that they will choose to use small diameter special noodles boiled enough cooked pork that came with the fermentation as well. Slides are pieces of cheese, meat, and even have the words placed along with the cooked sauce with water pork. Time, like mash, will get a taste of water over that issue you a mash with rice noodles, pork, Red Delicious, soft, soft mouth it.

In addition to the signature dishes that taste, they are also much more, counting 100 menu that I would like to invite to come and try the fried oyster meat, Colas (100 Baht), meatballs, shrimp, lettuce, white (100 Baht). Fish in clay pot (180-220 of baht) tofu, Sichuan (100 Baht), etc.




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Made by : Chotikarn Binzon

              Sutthida Intranit

              Aorayanee Chamnannaimuang

              Kanyanat Suksriin

              Tiwaporn Kriengkraikul


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