BKK Original Hotel

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The Place Nearby Asiatique  

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BKK Original Hotel 



  Fashion bag thai’s Nationality brand BKK (Original BKK) with more than 20 shapes and patterns than 500 design concept designed to win over customers with access of all ages to get anywhere, especially tourist. By buying a gift in 2558, has sold more than 1.2 million tickets with total sales growth of 80%

Natchaya, President announced that beginning in early 2555 as a garment business earlier in the year, then next year have started designing bags to market and have been very popular. Turned into a pocket full of business under the brand name BKK Original, which was inspired by the first manufactured in Bangkok. The brand wants to convey is that of Thailand.

Until the year 2557 was the first foreign market to Taiwan. Groups of tourists traveling to Thailand and bought back the deposit amount. The first branch is at Chatuchak Market And customer demand increases steadily. It began exports to Taiwan A decision by the company, there are two branches of also expanding its markets to Europe, America and the Middle East. Including with ASEAN

Currently open six branches in Thailand in two branches Weekend Asiatique one branch and two branches airport Dino Mysore Planet Sukhumvit another one branch each year, with average sales of more than 5-6 thousand leaves.




The company also has expanded the hospitality market. To accommodate the needs of customers who are followers BKK Original brand, also by design, each room with pattern on each bag. And styles of different consumers. Including activities Guests



Hotel BKK Original hotel newly opened hotel, founded in 2015, is the sequel to the business case. BKK Original, which has several branches in Bangkok. The hotel is located on Charoen Krung. Nearby popular attractions Asiatique the Riverfront. You can also view the Asiatique night from the room. You can travel by foot or car takes about 5-10 minutes or the hotel shuttle.

The rooms of the hotel are from the fabric of popular brands. Combined decorate a room portrait style accommodation for up to 25 rooms equipped with amenities that include restaurants, internet wifi that makes hotel interesting. And attract a great addition, the hotel also provides a place for guests to stay Workshop D.I.Y activity is decorated in the style of their own pockets  take home .





Address : Chareonkrung 76/1  Chareonkrung Road.  Watprayakai District  ฺBangkok Thailand

Telephone Number : 02 292 1157

website : http://www.bkkoriginal.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bkkoriginalhotel





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Made By : Pajaree Thawornkasem , Suwara Marsung, Preyanuch Naparuksawong ,Chutsuda Varnodyana,Chanapat Sae-tang                   Jeny Chang,Saowaluk Prasongkan,Suthira Tupthavee, Artittaya Phodchamarnsirikul

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