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Located at 58 Soi Wat Suan Plu. Charoen Krung Road (Soi Shangri La) 42/1 Road Bangrak Bangkok present royal W. Moline
(a refinement of the Great overthrew the Hฺ Joe) or ". Maha refinement of a "deputy abbot primate of 10.Temple of WAT Suan Phlu, this size is big, and from outside the Hall as the stucco work on the glass ornament. There is a temple of the frescoes on the shape of a fairy Angel ornament is stunning look quaint. Behind the building Thailand Pavilion are placed in the middle of the pool. Called the "shrine of Kannon" which is the most respected person in this bar, with scores of people, neither a lack of uniformity.

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This assumes the Kannon Buddha believed to build up since the beginning of Rattanakosin. When King Rama I the great skyline.

 1 reign as a King in the land of Rattanakosin. During the Chinese live under the Royal founder of a lot. Where there are Chinese,
they respected Mother Goddess Guan imo.Have together created the goddess is for Chinese people in this bar.

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         One side of the temple, we can see that there is also another temple is situated peacefully under a tree that was "Temple of reclining Buddha." The reclining Buddha, which was restored and then a golden sukoram inside a Buddha such
as Pang Pang, doors and mop up later, which tell of a priest together with respect to the belief that people have formed a miracle by helping villagers to shelter around the elements, people from a bomb that came from the plane in world war two.
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       Originally, it temple called WAT Khlong Suan Phlu, which is coping with the naming thing, Wade in the past. There is
a large water canals surrounding the temple, which is the Canal separates coming from the Chao Phraya River, commonly called Khlong Bangkok Silom. Can go along to lovely-pratunam? From old man old man is WAT suan PLU. Yet, to tell whether the Canal area, surrounded WAT Suan Phlu, big enough so ships of the Chinese merchant ship can be reversed.
 At present, as unfortunately it became the Canal already Silom Road.





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