Brig Nawa


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Brig Nawa

       Built in the reign of King Rama IV, Rama sat three grounds to build a tower that Brig. He works in the Buddhist temple Wat vehicles Wanaka. (Formerly a cattle stall Later in the reign of the first name change is measured Kokkrabue) deteriorated significantly. The restoration works

       Temple pagoda and create added His intention by a pagoda from the remembrance of God theology. The content Vessantara Bodhisattva Saudi Palma religion as Brig hours. He also saw the creation of a stupa or pagoda that is everywhere, and he feared that the ship would be lost, because at that time the ship leaves the western and more. Ordered a pagoda with a base size of a brig brig true.

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    In the brig and a pagoda along the length of the brig. Measure from the top of the crest Bali 21 meters along the length of two feet. Measured from the ground 18 feet wide at one central body four meters high and 3 feet at mid-elbow with 2, 3 Lord Buddha Stupa in the brig, two large and one small


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References Banner :Ms.koonjira Audomthadaphong 


 Pagoda-shaped bark is conveyed as two words.

The first refers to the symbol of the growth of trade relations between Thailand and other countries. The former brig as an important vehicle for transporting goods. And demonstrates the prominence of trade in the reign of the third he has been christened the Rachtinnam that. Father of the Thailand Trade.

The second refers to the symbols of the Buddhist koan. A vehicle to transport the animals to reach nirvana. The beliefs of Buddhism in the land of Loki and dharma which releases one from the world's fair that the ship is like a religion to embrace all living creatures out of the suffering. To the tides of the cycle of birth and death into the nirvana.

History is full of meaning and building are magnificent. Quaint architecture Currently the brig pagoda became a symbol of the holy sanctuary and Wat Yan Nawa





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