Temple (Windmill) Wat Phra Si Maha Uma Devi

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 Temple (Windmill) Wat Phra Si Maha Uma Devi

Wat Phra Si Maha Uma Devi locals called the "temple of Silom" build on. Fri. 2422 (follow the signs in front of guests windmill) in the reign of King Rama V. By a group of Indians living in Bangkok. When Mr. White's beating And the family settled on Silom Road, the temple is believed to be. The idol of Goddess Sri Maha Uma Devi A small pavilion named. "Sri Amman City Hall," according shaktism Hindu. The Committee also Mr Major's idea of ​​Mr. Chi's profile J. Martinez, CA Mr. Matsubara City have traded their land for a vegetable garden in her sculpture. Gold hit a stumbling Matsubara Have traded their land, their vegetable garden molding her favor Kosa temple deities and religious organizations. Many Hindu Lord Creation is respectful of people. Which is under the rule of the Indian "Bollywood", a leading culture to spread across Asia


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The shrine is a church located in the middle. Facing the street sculpture The inside of the church is divided into three large arched facade middle with two locks on the front doorstep. Log in shrine Idol stucco Idol handsome and floating body Mariamman The facade of the church of the left and right. Enshrines the idol of his sons Resort arch on the left (side of the temple) is an arched stone idol of Lord Ganesh temple facade on the right (side street downtown) idol carved stone Buddha statue. Kartikeya church facade in the third arch will not allow anyone inside. Except Brahman ritual qualified justifiable. Front row, left side of the church facade Ganesh. There is a podium with his idol handsome floating dock with a steel ring made out for invoking the parade ceremony or festival of the shrine

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    The courtyard in front of the shrine church has a large golden pillars as high as the roof of the church. Located midway between the front doors of the shrine and the church, which has a large central arch. The Phra Si Maha Mari Amman innermost. Link at the top of the pole is a big pussy. Which is adorned flags and pictures of the lion goddess. During Navratri week

    On the front of the idol shrines with small shrines first three shrines in the middle of the front of the church on the right. (The Road) is Siwa Leung shrines enshrined as a symbol of Lord Shiva, the two shrines in a corner edge in front of the Shrine of the Pan Road, Silom intersection.Brahma is enshrined Thewalai Navagraha idol shrines and statues along the fence on Silom Road between Brahma and shrines Siwa Leung. Bell Tower to beat the clock while the Brahmin ritual worship God



During the lunar month 1-9 11 9 days 9 nights was a moment of Festival Nava Ratri or CERA, a procession of Hindu Goddess Uma. And it is believed that during this time, as the procession of the Virgin and angels will come to earth to bless mankind.

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Nava Ratri work is what .. ??

Nava Ratri or CERA is the major festivals degrees Hindu congregations to join together. Holy mother Uma Devi (Goddess Durga)

In both Pang Pang nine grand for a period of nine days.

Each day there is prayer. Bathing the idol in church And other rituals that Brahman is made up by many subtleties.

With the consecration of the great Ganesha festival, not cardinal frequency. (Festival of Ganesh formula) or other festivals of Hindus.

And in the last days Brahmans are brought together Idol Goddess Uma Devi. (Mariamman) procession around the city.

In Thailand, it is held at the temple Wat Vishnu Temple, Silom Palace. Or Hindu temples and churches across the country ...

The famous temple in organizing innovation in the evening was a guest windmill




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