A Neo-Classic Design

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A neo-classic design


        As we have seen, the structure both within and outside of the building on the previous page, then? We will note that there has been designing buildings as well. To remove this size both beautiful The building of this modern colonial San black varnish containing pulverized charcoal room, designed in the neo-classical architectural design pattern is one of great interest. We try to study, so this form of art.


Source image : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-XdEz6TJngVI/UsRhIsMkyQI/AAAAAAAAAJg/eqV-7khsEuI/s1600/nelson-hayes.jpg


Neo-classical art (Neo-Classic) is an art form that influenced the people in France caused anti-fiodan system or feudal to surrender (Feudalism) classes. Political issues, such as the major cause in part to make the Europeans back interest in classic art again.

The word means a New section or new Neo Classic comes from the name of the classical Greek art, which is called kayuk-era art.Therefore, the characteristics of the neo-classical style so there are concepts and create derivative work from ancient art in almost everything.

Featured style of architecture adopted neo-classical era and noted. . The most common in Europe and is very popular in countries such as France.

1.Symmetrical shape (symmetrical shape).
2.Tall the full height of Column that rise building or Colonian (mast up to the full height of the building).
3.Triangular pediment (isosceles triangle front building)
4.Domed roof (langkhayot Dome).

A sample architecture that was influenced by the neo-classical era include:

Arc de Triomphe France 1815-1965 a Memorial in Paris. France country West of chong-Sami form of Arc de Triomphe Champs, then Schalke ร็ง Jean grand designs in the classic art form takes that were adapted from the ancient Roman architecture. Engraver of France, it has participated in the sculpture of the Arc de Triomphe France with.


Source image : https://goo.gl/04wleN


Matt painting it with tremendous growth. Various neo-classical era painting is often content to convey a story as gods. there and most of the stories about social conditions and parental. For example, the

Oath Of The Horatii painting-oil on canvas, by donation. Luis David has composition like a drama on the stage and use the images as a colossal architectural background.

-The death of Bachelorette credit with David
Demonstrate realism, visible along the way. To define the dimensions, weight, light, shadow, relying on the original influence on medieval art style is an architectural structure, the Greek and the Roman reign to create a background image. Display the stories in ancient Greek and Roman with patriotic sacrifice and remorse responsible citizens.

Nandan sculptures. Often art imitators of Greek art, prati, Rome it. For example, the

-The sculpture George Washington besieged by Carlo Shi green NOF In the United States. Resembles Clark assuming credit sat



Thanks from : http://worldcivil14.blogspot.com/2014/01/neo-classic.html

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