Mr.Mario Tamagno

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Mr.Mario Tamagno

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After we get to know the history of the library's owner, Another must-have is the one who designed this building, and he was also very interesting history with. We're going to get to know him better, we hurt?
Mario The eye is the architect, along with yo Italy. Born in Turin, Italy country city. When June 19, b.e. architectural 2420 graduated from Institute of art is exquisite, Albert Luque, Turin, Italy country.

After graduation, along with yo eyes took on the Ministry of public works, Government of Thailand, Siam. In 2443 (1900) by employment contract to work with the Government for 25 years, which by then was the moment that his Majesty King Chulalongkorn Rama v is the most popular in the Italian art work. Make supervisors and participants in Ministry of public works jobs, while it is the Italians almost entirely.

Yo, along with eyes still respected the will and mercy from her Prince, Department, specializing in measuring the family encyclopedia. The father of Thailand's architecture, and the Secretary of State. The Ministry of public works, over a period of 25 years in Siam. The first designs of the eye, along with yo is then crafted makwan's seat amphrotthan and Royal Dusit. In the Dusit Palace, Wang bang Khun prom Palace, dates and the chitralada Palace, Palermo Vice-Captain Sok. Bridge over sky dancing, his aggressive and glorious before my Kingdom reign. King Rama v The eyes, along with a large project has started, yo two pieces is Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, and phyathai Palace.

Later, in the reign of his Majesty King Rama of the works of the eye, along with more diverse, yo. He design of Chulalongkorn hospital Hualumphong train station Park railway station, a small bridge in a series of chitralada "flourish", created on the occasion of the birthday of King Rama vi, who made many of the Commerce Department, House of Narasimha Rama Raman (khop Thailand double blue. Government House), the House of Chao phya, animated sleep Yasin Hotaru thotthe (home) and Nelson Neilson Hays library.


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In 2468 (1925) After the contract with the Government expired yo Maan eyes, Siam, Mario continues to supervise construction at home, Narasimha. Another one term and then travel back to Italy, but when it returned to Italy city Turin, it is different from the city, along with yo eyes ever known.

Italy currently is in the beginning stages of the RA legislation is badly injured, the new fatsit, the architect must become a member in the Enterprise Architect. Along with the eye so yo have to collect documents, photos and bopplaen to list the works show to it.

The eye, along with yo still occupations architects. Among the architects of Turin He alone is not to join the fascist party. Later, along with yo eyes it's cancer. In January, 2484 (1941)


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