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Thongtara Riverview Hotel

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         Tongtara Riverview Hotel is located within the old historical Bangkok Chinese community on Charoen Krung road and ies next to the Chao Phaya River, locally known as the River of Kings. Well located for business, shopping, and  entertainment together with easy access to The Sky Train, River Boats, and local busses for your transportation requirements.

         Enjoy breathtaking views of Bangkok's city skyline and sunsets at the end of an exciting day from your room and the  Sky Pool on the fifth floor. With easy controlled room lighting controls and air comfort, you will enjoy a peaceful night and  wake up refreshed for another day of activities and new memories to take back home..

        The hospitality of the Kingdom of Siam, as it was known before, is offered by our hotel to provide comfort, security,  and satisfaction for your stay. Centered within the old area of the former riverside Chinese business centers and shipping  port, Tongtara has a local ambiance, style, and traditions which will provide you with different experiences as you walk  along the streets meeting the local people and trying some of the local foods sold by the street vendor.

        Down side streets and pathways will take you to the Chao Phaya, River of Kings filled with ships coming in and going out of the main port area and local river barges carrying supplies to other cities outside Bangkok, together with public taxi  transport boats which will take you up and down the river while enjoying the different scenery along the river





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                 Satri Si suriyothai School bangkok

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