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The social common share. Mutual funds just 100 baht to 10 million baht money to buy land next to the Bang Rak district of Bangkok Folk Museum is a place of learning. It will be a parking lot Area activities News team to investigate areas that are exposed to money donated 10 million baht real Prof. Waraporn Wadi Sura, a donation of money in this. The source of the story. The land area of ​​Bangkok Folk Museum Formerly the home of Prof. Waraporn was later renovated into a museum. And the transfer of all land and buildings to Bangkok. Starting on October 1, 2547 the total area of ​​25 square meters to one hectare conservation of ancient invaluable for generations to come learn. But conditions continued to associate professor Waraporn lived until his death. Later, Prof. Waraporn know the area 105 square meters, which is adjacent to Bangkok Folk Museum, and will be sold to build a high-rise building has eight floors, lest it obstruct the view of the old buildings and neighborhoods. Have to ask Bangkok to why the license. It has been clarified that this area is the commercial property sector. You can create up to nine-storey building has asked the Bangkok land purchase such as ourselves to develop Bangkok Folk Museum. But the story was hushed up Ultimately, he decided to purchase such land itself takes up to two months for the owner to be agreed by the reduction of 50 million baht to 40 million baht, but must be in cash. You have to pay in cash as a deposit, then 30 million baht to 10 million baht, which is still lacking. Payable on September 2, if not pay the full deposit will be forfeited entirely. This is why Prof. Waraporn need to ask for donations to preserve this area for future generations. Not to build a skyscraper After the news, go out and generate funding. It appears that people in the neighborhood that brings together the money to contribute money for each 100 baht to -200 thousand baht. And if you disagree with the creation of high-rise buildings. Those who visit Bangkok Folk Museum one. That visit was the first after the news came to see the area immediately to the eye and will help as much as you can.







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