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               ♣ history ♣

             Nawa is located along the Chao Phraya River on the east. The area under the house, garage As a source in the Navy

brig and repair Brig.

             Bangkok city was originally called "buffalo paddock was" presumably built in the Ayutthaya period. About the reign

of King Naresuan, but did not appear.The creator of the Thon Buri (Approx. Fri. 2319) King Taksin. He graciously King

Temple The new "Temple Kokkrabue" and he established a monastery for a habitation of cardinal.

             Since the year 2325, the first year of the reign of King Rama skyline with the creation Bangkok King.

  Rama Rama skyline at first he graciously. Wisuongcamseamr Along with him graciously give building.

  The new temple is a small temple was damaged since the Ayutthaya time. City and Bangkok was seized Myanmar Get more

damage The temple was built new. Facing the river

            King Rama skyline and one of the reign of King Rama the second of the two posts. Royal Katin fabric of this measure

By contingents of troops to the distance the sea about 126 lines on a regular basis since 2330-2353. every year

           Later in the reign of King Phra Nang Klao, Rama 3 has graciously among the clergy. And recalls King with a

dilapidated old temple is small, he graciously renovated and expanded.Large measure In the third, on 25 January 2374, King

Nang Klao the head. He graciously 1000, donated his estate to determine the size of the candelabrum fresh. He left the label

under his son and daughter in honor of Buddha. worship

            Incidentally, in the year 2387, King Nang Klao, Rama 3 had the intention to build the pagoda. Temple Kokkrabue a

memorial in which he used to ship goods to trade to China and other countries. By His Majesty the In the future Brig

appearance may change. Future generations may remember the look Chinese junk that he does not use a vehicle. To the

generations After seeing and recognizing patterns Chinese junk boat which he used as a vehicle. To commemorate the

Exodus in Vessantara fable by so graciously.

  Ordered to build the stupa The pagoda is a new model Chinese junk with a pagoda on the two boats. In other words, He

built a pagoda The base is a Chinese junk With His Majesty graciously signed the measure that Kokkrabue. "Wing Commander

Ram temple soul," according to the brig at the pagoda. Dedicated, which means "The perception like a junk vehicles across

Oa poor".

            This stemmed from the Royal Mahachat Vessantara Jataka stories. Now Vessantara He said the Kanha and Charlie.

Dedicated to the Father.

  Charity creates a virtual junk takes over Oaฆa poor humanity to enlightenment. On the whole, graciously to create a bronze


  Vessantara Kanha and Charlie on. The barque Pagoda for the "Ram temple spiritual ark" This was promoted as "Nawa is"


  Close to the original title was "The temple is like a junk vehicle in which to carry tractable animal crosses Oaa poor".

            This stemmed from the Royal Mahachat Vessantara Jataka stories. Now Vessantara He said the Kanha and Charlie.

Dedicated to the Father. Charity creates a virtual junk takes over Oaฆa poor humanity to enlightenment. On the whole,

graciously to create a bronze statue.

  Vessantara Kanha and Charlie on. The barque Pagoda for the "Ram temple spiritual ark" This was promoted as "Nawa is"

meaningful. Close to the original title was "The temple is like a junk vehicle in which to carry tractable animal crosses Oaฆa


            The gods barque Pagoda Temple Nawa has become a model in the making. The bark basket in the ceremonial

sermon. Mahachat the reign of King Rama 4 and 5, held the throne net Phuttaisawan the meantime, however, about the time

in 2409, the son of King Pharmaceuticals.

       Prince Chulalongkorn (King Rama V and King Rama 5) Mahachat monks had dedicated. A sermon on the Book 23.

October 2409 and in the year 2434 on the occasion of HRH Crown Prince. Princess Maha's version of Himalayan ice. Crown

Prince had dedicated monks  Mahachat sermon preached by a lifeform on 15 December 2434

            In addition, the pagoda and the second is on the junk measuring Nawa is also a form of architecture. "Traditional"

pagoda A stupa is a stupa sixteen and twenty. Built during the reign of three early Rattanakosin period. That is the beauty

and uniqueness more.Hard to find the pagoda is currently the youth to study and see it as a model.

            Typically, the pagoda was built. Builders tend to create relics. King Buddha Or a dedicated place Pagoda

Buddha or to a party that contains the bones of their respect for the memorial.

            The second episode of the Pagoda of King Nang Klao, Rama 3 graciously ordered to build it on the junk.

This measure Nawa There is no evidence or any traces that the relics. Or one containing the bones of the

           This is why many of you have assumed. King Nang Klao the head. Graciously to build a stupa.

Only the second in the brig. He had set his heart charity, dedicated to the god Lord Lukkana her child. (The Father His joyous

hours Wadi The queen in Mongkut) that died already. And will spread the royal charity. God baby daughter Angel thousands

of gods. Heal the sick

           The temple and the pagoda junk King Nang Klao the head. He graciously Dedicated to the

  Nawa is also a Chinese temple roof. This is the end Buddhist pagoda and junk bed residence. Of King Nang Klao the head.

 with The Chinese pavilion is assumed that the temple was built to be used as a residence for the rest of the performances.

And so is the practice of charity. Buddhists general

            The altar imprint The King sat IV, it is assumed that he graciously made the same way.

   The altar stamp Wadoprdeks brother Ram Bed and sat under a tree Wood. Wat Ram Crown He used to stay at the sitting

posture. Temporary before officially entering the temple.

             The Arts Building on Rama 3, this would have left a little present. Later in the reign of King Rama 4.

  Mongkut His Majesty the King graciously fabric Katin. Wat Yan Nawa The ocean on 10 November 2395.

  (Hs 1214), and on the occasion of His Majesty said. "Transportation in this area is not easy," and he graciously provided.

  Build a bridge over a canal Nawa Up in front of the temple Along with creating a Road

              Later, when it was demolished bridge "Union celebrated 53 (CRMA)," King Rama V and King Rama 5 had mercy.

  Ordered to build up in front of Wat Trai Mit Witthaya Ram removed. Therefore, the installation of a bridge over the canal

Sathorn. Dismantle the bridge and break the pattern grid.Build a bridge to Wat Yan Nawa. Instead of the old, worn out by

            Incidentally, King Rama V's reign at five graciously gave canal Wat Yan Nawa. Widening and deepening

  Into the temple arch Stl (Don) and Wadprk (measured Myanmar) buffalo paddock area of ​​the field with the public in order

to serve as a route for traffic.Easier

            In addition, he graciously to the police station. (Station patrolman) at opposite Wat Yan Nawa. On the Road station

  The hospital called the police station 19 and station house Dawei River Patrol Division. A station that measures up to 51

hours. Riverside Area location

  Scripture school today Which is located directly opposite. "Nawa is a wonderful school," which was founded in 2447 (Rs


           During the reign of King Rama 5 original temple. Buddhist temples and Esnasna Nawa Damaged more The measure

was taken to the local mechanic.restoration Esnasna with the newly built temple. Since the year.. 2450-2467 by some parts

of the original temple. The acquisition includes some conservation Reconstruction The factors in the operation The measure

was supported by a group of Chinese merchants and associations.

          Community leaders tribes As Lamsam family, Wanglee, Bisalputra, Krairiksh, Sinhaseni, Ochtik a cleat Becket,

Ironwood and Hoontrakool so. The clan

           The foster care measure The restoration Esnasna and build a new temple was completed in the reign of King Rama 6

is in the year 2469 and the temple.This newly created Facing the Road As a result, the barque Pagoda. That formerly housed

the temple became.Enshrined in front of the temple As shown in the present

            Incidentally, in the year 2466 during the reign of King Rama VI's reign at the brig six hours had damaged the

pagoda temple collapsed.The temple, dedicated to a very shabby and told to report it. The Patriarch Royal Princess Grace

Shin TG.

            Since the brig pagoda temple is Nawa. As an institution, the King Nang Klao the head. Graciously to build.

  The monastery is dedicated; The Patriarch He has the word salute The Vajiravudh. the clemency

  Department devote repair operation Egged royal charity dedicated to honor. Graciously royal permission and.

  Brig repair the pagoda said this was completed in 2467.

            To repair this, it appears that the head of the barque Pagoda Wat Yan Nawa, which is shaped like the crescent of a

razor blade in the period.But when an old restored later made his head look like junk pagoda. Similar to a knife blade.

            In 2471, King Rama VII 7 gracious Majesty bestowed a Royal Katin at the ocean.Wat Yan Nawa Later, during the

Pacific War. And World War II Department of enemy bombers in the area. Bangkok is As a result, many of the temple and the

pagoda, Wat Yan Nawa brig was damaged as well

            In addition, the station house Dawei and Bangkok shipyard dock. Shops and houses of the people in this area have

been damaged by the blast.

          The government moved Station House Dawei To shelter At the cemetery near Chaozhou Association Wadprk

(measured Myanmar), then moved to the present.Renamed Nawa Police Station at the station house, formerly Tavoy River

Road. Opposite Wat Yan Nawa Later changed to Fire station of the Bangkok River Patrol Division. Riverside Wat Yan Nawa

Graciously set up.Maintaining the cleanliness of rivers, canals in this area was badly damaged by war as well, so it was


            After World War peace The temple and worshipers and Buddhists. Together restoration of the temple and the brig.

  Pagoda again In order to preserve the beauty and importance. Wat Yan Nawa That is measured with the Antiquities


  It has been surveyed and registered. The brig pagoda temple temple altar and stamped the Chinese pavilion. 3 at Wat Yan

Nawa is. According to archaeological Gazette dated 15 March 2526.


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