Complete the Conversation.

1.Getting a Room for the Night

A. Good evening. Can I help you?
B.Yes, please. I'd like a room for the night.
B.Can I pay by credit card?
A.Certainly. We take Visa, Master Card and American Express. Could you fill in this form, please?
A.Here's your key. Your room number is 212
B.Thank you
A.Thank you. If you need anythibg, dail 0 for the reception area. Have a good stay!


1.Would you like a single room, or a double room

2.Do you need my passport number? No, just an address and your signature.(fills out the form) Here you are.

2.In A Shop

A. _________________?(1)
B. Yes, I'm looking for a sweater.
A. What size are you?
B. I'm an extra large.
A. How about this one?
B. Yes, That's nice. Can I try it on?
A. _____________________________.(2)
B. Thank you.
A. How does it fit?
B. It's too large. Do you have a large?
A. __________________.(3)
B. Thank you. I'll have it, please.
A. ______________________(4)
B. Do you take credit cards?
A. Yes, we do. Visa, Master Card and American Express.
B. OK, here's my Visa.
A. Thank you. Have a nice day!
B. Thank you, goodbye.


1.Can I help you

2.Certainly, there's the changing rooms over there

3.Yes, here you are

4.OK, how would you like to pay

3.Ordering A Meal

A. Hi. How are you doing this afternoon?
B. Fine, thank you. Can I see a menu, please?
A. __________________________.(1)
B. Thank you. What's today's special?
A. Grilled tuna and cheese on rye.
B. That sounds good. I'll have that.
A. Would you like something to drink?
B. ____________________________.(2)
A. Thank you. (returning with the food) Here you are. Enjoy your meal!
B. Thank you.
A. ____________________________?(3)
B. No thanks. I'd like the check (bill - UK English), please.
A. That'll be $6.75.
B. Here you are. Keep the change!
A. Thank you! Have a good day!
B. Bye.


1.Certainly, here you are

2.Yes, I'd like a coke

3.Can I get you anything else

4.In The Airport

A : Excuse me! I want to make a booking for Bangkok to Singapore and ingapore to Bangkok for 2 tickets.
B : Yes, which date do want to fly?
A : 19 th of January, please.
B : __________________? (1)
A : 24 th of January.
B : ________________________________________? (2)
A : Yes, please check for me on the 27 th .
B : On the 26 th is confirmed. So, I book for you flight SQ 124 from Bangkok 10.30 a.m.To Singapore 12.30a.m. And flight SQ155 from Singapore 5.30 p.m. To Bangkok 8.30 p.m. Your code number for issue the ticket is PR1246K please.
A : Which day is the dead line for issue the ticket?
B : Before 14 th of January at 4 p.m. Sir.
A : ________________.(3)
B : ____________________. (4)


1.And the way back

2.Sorry, the flight from Singapore to Bangkok is fully booked now. Do you want to change

3.Thank you

4.You're welcome



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